Summer Online Learning Experiences (SOLE) 
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The SOLE program is an online summer math program offered to  students in grades 3-12 as well as the basic college-level by the Advanced Distributed Learning Center for Intelligent Tutoring Systems at The University of Memphis. SOLE links students with ALEKS (Assessment Learning in Knowledge Spaces) for an exciting three month summer program. ALEKS is a sophisticated mathematics web-based tutorial system that assesses each student’s knowledge and skill level and then provides them with an interactive, individualized, and self-paced tutoring experience.

What You Get for your $36 [$45 after June 1st]

Please Note: SOLE MATH and the 2012 SOLE program and its subsidized affordable pricing is made possible through the generosity of the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Center for Intelligent Tutoring Systems Research & Development (http://www.memphis.edu/mitsc/) at the University of Memphis.
  • Close to 1200 students have benefited from SOLE!
    • Our dedicated customer support has been working with SOLE for years!
    • Weekly progress reports are provided
    • Students can change courses when requested
  • Web-based service
    • Your students can work using any computer with internet access
  • We offer the use of ALEKS, an online intelligent tutoring system used by millions of students!
    • We have a detailed list of ALEKS courses to help you pick the perfect course for your child!
  • Last year (2011) our SOLE students:
    • Spent an average of 17.7 hours in a course
    •  Learned an average of 4.5 topics per hour
    • On average learned 56.17 topics!
    • That’s only $0.61 per learned topic!