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SOLE Registration

The SOLE MATH program will start June 1st. Registration starts on May 1st 

RegistrationApril 25 - May 31 
Registration/tuition fee: $36 total

Late registrationAfter May 31 
Registration/tuition fee: $45 total

Last registration dayJune 29
  • How do I Register? 

  • What am I Registering For? 
    • This summer, we will be holding the third annual SOLE MATH program. The goal of SOLE is to improve both the math scores and math attitudes of students. 
  • If I register, does my child have to be part of the SOLE MATH program? 
    • No. By registering, your child does not have to be part of the program. Registration gives us a chance to know who may be interested in the program. All we will do is send you an email with more information about the SOLE MATH program and offer you a chance to join us.
  • How do I select SOLE MATH course for my child? 
    • Based on your goal for your child's participation in SOLE MATH, we suggest that you make a decision based on the following two choices: 
      • If you would like your student to review his/her math course, please select the course he/she was in last year. 
        • If your student received a B or below in his/her previous math course, we recommend that you select this option. 
      • If you would like your student to get a head start on next year and he/she is ready, please select the course he/she will be in next year. 
    • For details, consult this guideline.
  • Can I register for more than one child? 
    • Yes, you will need to register for the appropriate class for each of your children. You will receive emails for each of your children. 
  • Can I talk to my friends about this? 
    • Yes, feel free to tell your friends. 
  • Can I tell my mathematics teachers about this program? 
    • Yes, please give the SOLE MATH contact email to the mathematics teachers of your child. If you have any questions about registration or the program, please email us at support@s-o-l-e.org