1. Who is eligible to participate in SOLE MATH?

Any 3rd through 12th grade student who would like to review old or learn new mathematics skills during the summer are eligible.

*The SOLE program is now open to college students.*

2. How much does it cost to participate?

SOLE MATH is $36 for three months. But, you need access to a computer and the Internet.

  • Dr. SOLE says, “If your child comes to love Math, then your child can join SOLE MATH for FREE!” [Learn More]

3. What does SOLE MATH offer?

ALEKS offers individualized tutoring on a wide range of topics required for 3rd through 12th graders, including topics required to be mastered for standardized exams including most of state standards. In addition, advanced mathematical concepts and topics for advanced courses, e.g., Advanced Placement (AP) Statistics are covered.

4. How do I register my child for SOLE MATH?

We're Sorry, Registration is Closed

5. When can I register?

Registration begins April 25th.  SOLE MATH registration will take place April 25 - May 31

Late fees apply after May 31.

6. How do I select SOLE MATH course for my child? 

Based on your goal for your child's participation in SOLE MATH, we suggest that you make a decision based on the following two choices: 
If you would like your student to review his/her math course, please select the course he/she was in last year. 
If your student received a B or below in his/her previous math course, we recommend that you select this option. 
If you would like your student to get a head start on next year and he/she is ready, please select the course he/she will be in next year. 
For details, consult this guideline.

7. Can I register for more than one child? 
Yes, you will need to register for the appropriate class for each of your children. You will receive emails for each of your children.

8. Can I talk to my friends about this? 
Yes, feel free to tell your friends.

9. Can I tell my mathematics teachers about this program? 
Yes, please give the SOLE MATH contact email to the mathematics teachers of your child.

10. How can I contact somebody if I have questions?
If you have any questions about registration or the program, please email us at

11. How can I change my child's account password or account e-mail?
Once you have received your login information, you can sign into  From there you can click on the "Options" button located at the top right area of your screen.  Click on the image below to see where the "Options" button is located. Once you open the "Options" page you will be given the option to change the account's password and e-mail.